Sola Rosa & Olivier Daysoul Make A ‘Promise’ You’ll Want To Keep

My bad, but I've kinda been sleeping on Sola Rosa. Their last album,
Low and Behold, High and Beyond, blipped on my radar when it was released in August of last year, but I never got around to listening to it for whatever reason. However, now they've hit me with a one-two punch and released the super-sized Low and Behold, High and Beyond (Deluxe Edition) last month and a music video for the single "Promise" featuring Olivier Daysoul surfaced days ago. Seeing Olivier's name attached to this rocketed it to the top of my "pay attention to this" list, and I'm glad that I took a few minutes to go on the visual trip. Shot on location in New Zealand and London, we see Sola Rosa playing for an attentive audience of one while Olivier takes a walk past the city's sights and sings to her via video. It all makes for quite an interesting watch, but it's the song that will definitely get you open. Cop the "Promise" single package and all of Sola Rosa's releases via their Bandcamp page.

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