Soulpersona’s Jamiroquai Remix Is To ‘Die’ For

Believe it or not, it's been a whopping 20 years since UK funk/soul outfit Jamiroquai released their debut album Emergency on Planet Earth. In celebration of their fitting platinum anniversary, the group is holding a remix contest for their song, "Too Young to Die." SoulBounce fave Soulpersona has responded to their call and drummed up something that is simply heavenly. Building upon the original's jazzy funk groove, SP smooths it out just a bit more, taking it to a different place and amping up the sexy factor. To call this joint smooth would be a gross understatement. If Soulpersona's take has inspired you to put your own spin on this classic, you can head to the group's website for info about the remix project. For the rest of you, sit back, relax and get into this funky mellow groove below.


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