Tony Momrelle Is Worth ‘Waitin’ For’

I only have one thought whenever I see the names Tony Momrelle and Reel People linked together: I'm gonna need to clear some space so I can get my dance on. For over a decade, the British singer has been the force behind many an impromptu dance party in my living room thanks to his infectious house tunes as the voice of RP. Now he's back to keep the party going with this latest single, "What You Waitin' For." Produced by his frequent collaborators and SB sweethearts Reel People, the song doesn't disappoint as Momrelle dives right into this soulful number with his powerful voice standing out as the song's shining star. And that's not to say that the song's house track is anything to thumb your nose at either. Reel People put it down, as usual, with a song that's sure to get you up on your feet. Whether you're here for Momrelle's voice or the song's driving bassline, you'll just be happy to be here at all. While I'm not sure if this song is part of a solo project or another Reel People compilation, I'm definitely sure that I want more of it and I want it now.


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