1-O.A.K. Will ‘Stay’ In Rotation

In the event you somehow managed to miss it, I'm practically the president of the 1-O.A.K. fan club in these SBHQ streets. I've been raising my pom poms for his music ever since hearing his debut EP, Special Request, back in early 2012. Since I felt the EP never quite got the attention it deserved, I was happy when he decided to release a deluxe edition earlier this year. Now he keeps stoking the fires of my fandom with the release of my favorite tune from Special Request, "Stay With Me." The song has stayed in heavy rotation on my iTunes, fueled largely by the throwback '80's sound on this self-produced banger. And while the imaginary video in my mind had visions of smooth coordinated dance moves and massive shoulder pads dancing around in my head, 1-O.A.K. doesn't take it quite as far, instead leaving the asymmetrical fashions to the album covers featured prominently in the background while he sings to his lady love. The second video taken from the EP's re-release, it provides a simple look at budding love filled with all the sly glances, ear-to-ear grinning and blushing that often comes along with it.