Brandy Takes A Look Back At Her Stellar Career

Given some of her downfalls (the fake marriage, lackluster record sales, the unfortunate car accident), it's easy to forget what a force Brandy was back in the '90s. Now coming up on her 20th anniversary in the music business, B-Rocka has put the rockiness of her past behind her and even sat down with Google back in February to talk about the ups and downs of her life and career. During the sit down, Brandy dished about it all, from her starstruck reactions when she met show business icons Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson to her love of World of Warcraft to how "The Boy Is Mine" came into fruition and even her new and improved stage presence. Of course, being that it's a Google talk, there's also mention of how technology has helped her connect with fans and where she sees technology and music merging in the future. It's an interesting watch and a very informative and fun interview for any Brandy fan (or casual listener) out there. If you've got about an hour to kill and have a love for Brandy, get into the interview below. [H/T: LL]

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