Have A Sip of B.jamelle’s ‘Rose Tea’

I'm not a big tea drinker, personally, but Washington, DC's B.jamelle might be able to change my mind with her latest song "Rose Tea." The songstress, whose vocals can be heard on Diggs Duke's Mass Exodus: Volume 2, comes correct on the track, which translates "the bittersweet, healing attributes" of the titular tea into a blissful experience for our listening pleasure. Bringing along Diggs to provide instrumental arrangement and some production duties, "Rose Tea" does just that with its chanting backdrop and subtle instrumentation to further enhance its relaxing groove. And with B.jamelle's calm, tranquil vocals, the song is just what you need after a hard day. "Rose Tea" is just one in a long line of fine work that the songstress has to offer on her Bandcamp page. Speaking of which, she's offering this track on a name-your-price basis there. So go ahead and give "Rose Tea" a try, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.


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