Jae Franklin Leads The ‘Way’

Jae Franklin is continuing her musical journey with a new installment in her eclectic Universal Language saga. In the midst of traveling throughout Africa and Asia, Franklin stopped to pen a special batch of songs to share with the world. One such entitled "Find My Way Home" combines Latin, jazz and electro-soul elements while telling the story of finding herself and starting again after experiencing unrequited loved. This song, along with the rest of the project, finds this Bounce-Worthy songstress piercing through and creating her own lane with her shades of candor built upon layers of unfiltered talent. Along with "Find My Way Home," Franklin's Universal Language: Prelude 3 also includes an entrancing moment with "Blue & Stuck," as well as a little bit of help from Tall Back Guy on the remix to "Wars And Fights." Best of all, she's offering all of this soulful goodness to you for free. Bounce over to Jae Franklin's Bandcamp and grab a copy of Universal Language: Prelude 3 now.


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