Let Theophilus London & Menahan Street Band Take You To ‘Rio’

I'm not a roving world traveler, wayfarer, vagabond, what have you. One look at my bank account will give you the understanding as to why. The closest I've been to Rio de Janerio is probably just seeing pictures in the pages on National Geographic or lurking on travel boards on Pintrest. Still it was quite easy to live vicariously through Theophilus London's ode towards the hot Brazilian vacation spot, as he bottles the spirit of the city in a nice and plush four-minuter. London plays into his usual chameleon ways for "Rio", this time opting for the chilled-out slow margarita sipping on the beach, as this song moves at a very cozy pace with a shimmer curtain of synths and lush horns. Supplying that vibe is the Menahan Street Band and along with producer Thomas Brenneck, they craft a 70's inspired tropical-jazz backdrop for London to ease in with mostly-sung verses that have him being quite the Casanova. Positioned to be present on an as-yet-untitled project from Mr. London coming this fall, "Rio" will be available on iTunes April 16th for download. In the meantime, you can soak into the stream below and be carted off into your own private Brazilian paradise.    


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