Miguel & Kendrick Lamar Pour Up Some More ‘Drinks’

It's been rumored for a while, and now it's finally here. This month's Vibe cover boys Miguel and Kendrick Lamar team up outside of photoshoots to remix Miguel's "How Many Drinks." Beefing up the smooth soul sample of O'Donel Levy's "We've Only Just Begun," Miguel cranks up the 808s and adds few more lyrics to make the song much more fully realized than it appears on Kaleidoscope Dream. Kendrick adds his own bit of style as he incorporates a bit of his own "Swimming Pools" into his guest verse. And, since "Pools" was about all about liquid courage, it fits right in with the song's theme. Being that they've both been a part of BET's Music Matters, have done the Vibe cover and now this remix, we can't help but wonder what the twosome will pour up for us next.  


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