‘Roll’ The ‘Rocks’ With Copy Club

New wave disco troupe Copy Club implored us to get our "Dance" on back in February, and on this new slice of synth funk the concept to "Roll Rocks" is proclaimed. The side hustle of Dutch singer/producer Benny Sings finds the group right back on the dance floor, this time in a softer, hypnotic shuffle. Still don't be fooled by the plushness and positive motivation the song contains as "Roll Rocks" does slather on some mean '80's neon glow and sneaky bass licks that you'll want to propose holy matrimony to. Copy Club is not the end all of Benny Sings' extracurriculars. Hop over to his blog to hear other acts he's put his mark on as of recent, as well as to keep tabs on when Copy Club's full-length set is to appear, which Mr. Sings himself promises will be this coming summer.  

After the bounce

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