‘S’ Marks The Spot On SZA’s EP

On "Aftermath" SZA oozes out the line: "I am not human/I am bacon," making her either a lyrical genius, just plain hungry or both. Whatever seems more fitting, there isn't any doubt why SZA (aka Solana Rowe) is one to watch in the ever-growing brigade of alternative R&B, as her dreamy creations have become some of the most haunting and mystifying aural treats to touch down in recent years. Her flair for intertwining witty words and abstract moods is further exemplified on S, her latest offering to follow-up last year's See.SZA.Run. This 100% freEP, boasts eight tracks that bend, shape and twist R&B into new designs and throw in oddball sound bytes from classic movies like Rosemary's Baby ("Terror Dome"), to curtains of sleigh bells (the wonderful opener "Castles") and shimmering chimes (single, "Ice.Moon") that have you feeling as if you've entered into a galaxy far, far away. SZA's dreamscape doesn't end at the fade out, as this is one chapter in what is to be a series of EPs coming later this year from the up-and-comer, as she is following up S with Z and A, respectively. Give the EP a listen and a download after the bounce.

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