SoundTable Discussion: Will Daft Punk’s Success Trigger A Disco Revival Or Did They Just ‘Get Lucky’?

Remi: Tweet would really kill a disco record. As would Erykah Badu, let's be real.

Butta: YOOOOOOOOOOO! A Tweet disco record? I'm here for that!

Zo!: Gimme some Faith Evans on a disco rekkid.

Remi: Faith!!!

D-Money: Faith would kill.

Ivory: Faith on disco would give me all types of stank faces. Erro, too.

Butta: YES, Zo!. She needs something to get her out of urban adult contemporary hell.

Zo!: Yes, Butta. And Faith would murder some disco.

Remi: Damn. What happened to Faith?

Butta: Mary J. Blige.

Remi: No. Not Mary. For anything. Ever.

Butta: No, I'm saying MJB is what happened to Faith.

AudioDiva: Mary J. could do the "Disco Duck" of disco songs.

Zo!: Or "Crispy Chicken."

Ivory: Mary's never living down those chicken wraps.

Zo!: Nah, she's not.

Remi: I'd bump a Warren G disco record before one by Mary.

D-Money: No one wants to hear MJB's struggle voice on disco.

Ivory: She wouldn't be able to do her signature bounce to it either, so MJB wouldn't be interested.

Remi: En Vogue's eighth reconciliation/comeback record would be HOT as a disco joint. (Then they'd inevitably break up before recording the album.)

Zo!: There would be two different En Vogue songs with totally different vocalists on it. Lookin' like The Temptations in the mid/late-'70s.

Ivory: En Vogue and The En Vogue Revue.

Butta: Back to Kelly Rowland, but this could really be her niche!

Remi: Yeah, Kelly was supposed to be The One.

D-Money: Right. Why won't Kelly get some ackrite and get on it?

Butta: Kelly could be the next Donna Ross or Diana Summer.

Remi: So basically, it's down to Beyoncé and CeeLo to lead the charge, then?

AudioDiva: CeeLo, Thicke, Faith and I'd really just want Janelle to do something because "Q.U.E.E.N." makes me mad.

Butta: Wait, Lauryn Hill just signed a new deal with Sony... Maybe her?

Remi: Nah. She needs a sense of humor and some self-awareness to pull off disco. She has neither.

Zo!: Doing disco, Lauryn may sweat herself to passing out on stage with all them clothes on.

Remi: Thank you! Saw her at Highline a few years ago looking like Obi Wan Kenobi in the winter, and sounding like those Black Israelite dudes who yell at you on the street corner.

Zo!: With the left side of her closet on.

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