SoundTable Discussion: Will Daft Punk’s Success Trigger A Disco Revival Or Did They Just ‘Get Lucky’?

Remi: Brandy disco? Brandy disco sounds wrong, but feels like it could be so right.

D-Money: I can't see Brandy and disco.

Zo!: Brandy definitely has the vocals for it. But I don't see that one happening.

Butta: I won't say no to Brandy, but I don't see it. Now, Sy Smith singing a disco record? I'd be here for that, too. She has all the elements.

Remi: Sy Smith almost visited disco on "Truth." And it was...the truth.

Zo!: That song is my shit!

Butta: Sy's last album was on that tip. Mark de Clive-Lowe has a disco record in him, too, I think.

Ivory: Absolutely on MdCL and by default, Nia Andrews too. Her voice would fit nicely in that.

D-Money: So who could be the Barry White of it all? Jaheim? Anthony David?

Remi: AD. Jaheim couldn't get into a hot disco either.

Zo!: After seeing Jaheim tweet about a "Leperd Kahn Green" shirt, I'm thew.

D-Money: Plus, Jaheim wouldn't be able to move for reading lyrics off his hand.

Remi: Janet Jackson, if she were so inclined, could own a new disco movement. But right now Janet may not give half a fuck about making music anymore.

D-Money: Yeah, Janet would be cool. Hell, "Together Again" is proof.

AudioDiva: Janet has already contributed to disco. We forget that first album. "Say You Do" and "Young Love" were jammys.

Remi: Don't you dare mention her first two albums. She's killed people for less.

D-Money: LOL! Though Janet actually performed "Say You Do" and "Young Love" during the Rock Witchu Tour.

AudioDiva: Throwing out all these names makes me think: Damn, we don't have any music GROUPS anymore. We need some Chic/Heatwave/Shalamar jump-offs.

Zo!: Hell, too many splits to the money!

D-Money: I could see SWV doing disco justice.

Remi: YeSWV! "Do Ya" was nice and disco-flavored.

Zo!: You mean you could see Coko doing disco justice?

Butta: I can see R. Kelly making another disco record.

D-Money: I don't want an R. Kelly disco record, Butta.

Zo!: Ar-Ruh would do it, definitely. Then make three new jams just like it and act like they're different.

Remi: Joi would freak the shit out of disco.

Ivory: OMG Starkitty. Yes!

Zo!: Hell, someone could pull Chaka to the side right now and knock out a disco gem...

Butta: Yes Gawd, Zo!.

D-Money: Zo!, methinks that we've come up with your next project.

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