SoundTable Discussion: Will Daft Punk’s Success Trigger A Disco Revival Or Did They Just ‘Get Lucky’?

Butta: So what shall what call this new disco movement? Neo-disco? Disco 2.0?

Ivory: Re-disco?

Remi: I like it.

Ivory: All I know is that I'm getting all worked up, and then will be sad when I realize that most of these will never materialize. We need to A&R this project!

Butta: I know, Ivory, I know. 🙁

Ivory: I'm crying thug tears for real.

Remi: So re-disco would begin with the likes of Joi, Faith, Cee Lo and Rob Thicke making records, and Kelly Ro would give it another shot. Then, because Kelly can't have nice things, Beyoncé steps in with a disco smash. And because he loves other people's nice things, so does Timberlake.

Ivory: And JT'd overdo it. Disco balls that explode into back-up dancers.

AudioDiva: So who would produce this dream disco stuff?

Remi: Well, Zo! naturally.

Butta: I nominate Zo!.

Ivory: *cough* ZO! *cough cough*

Remi: MdCL, Pharrell and Zombie-Chad.

D-Money: I think Daft Punk should be in on it, for obvious reasons.

Butta: Which brings us full circle. Well, we've been at this for almost two hours now. Methinks it's time to wrap.

AudioDiva: Did we get anywhere with this?

Butta: Do we ever, AudioDiva?

Ivory: Well, I think we just A&R'd a dream project!

Butta: Will 2013 see the return of disco or is this Daft Punk song a one-off wonder?

Remi: "Get Lucky" was a great detour, but I don't think a comeback is happening. And part of me is happy, because any return of disco will be purely commercial in its motivations.

Butta: True, Remi.

D-Money: I think "Get Lucky" will start a slight trend a few years from now, as most DP records do. Doubt there will be a major resurgence, though.

Butta: No disco resurgence? Now I has the sads. 🙁

AudioDiva: We'll have to hear what Random Access Memories brings. "Get Lucky" is just the first sample, so it's a bit early to tell. But I agree it could start something.

Butta: I'm cautiously optimistic that more soul is coming to dance music on a mainstream level. The underground and indie-ground has always kept it alive.

Zo!: ALWAYS. Still coming, too.

AudioDiva: Yep. That's why I'm loving what the UK is doing, the injection of soul just makes EVERYTHING better.

Butta: Does that mean a rebirth of disco as we knew it? It's doubtful, but only time will tell. I need to consult my Magic 8 Ball.

Remi: Which, at Studio 54, meant something entirely different.

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