SoundTable Discussion: Will Daft Punk’s Success Trigger A Disco Revival Or Did They Just ‘Get Lucky’?

Butta: I just hear the soulfulness of the electronic music coming out of the UK (Disclosure, Rudimental, Anushka, etc) and seeing their popularity across the pond, and I have a smidgen of hope that the "oontz oontz oontz" movement has peaked.

Remi: I actually do sense the EDM wave may be coming to an end, Butta. Cause the ones who jumped on it because it was hot, mostly failed to find the success they'd hoped for.

Zo!: Thank the Lord. But that's my two cents.

Remi: Or they're watching the tides change, and now you have Chris Brown, briefly the glowstick prince, releasing the most buttery-souled-out R&B work of his career with "Fine China."

D-Money: But, Butta, I wonder what American artist will be the one to finally do the same here. If it can be done here.

Butta: Well, Rihanna did it on "Where Have You Been." That song was a jam. File that under "Things You'll Rarely Hear Me Say About Rihanna's Music."

Remi: Yeah, but Rihanna, former glowstick queen, has also moved on from it.

AudioDiva: I'm allergic to Chris Brown and Rihanna, so no.

Remi: I learned objectivity the day I let a Ciara song into my iTunes library for the first time. I wept, then I realized if the song is good, I'll let that happen. "Fine China" may well be the single hottest mainstream R&B record out this year. #ThereISaidIt

Butta: There are seven too many yelps on "Fine China" for me, but I do dig it. File that under "Things You'll Rarely Hear Me Say About Chris Brown's Music."

Ivory: But has anyone gotten the memo to Usher yet? Because he needs to stop.

Zo!: No, they haven't. He's all major chord everything.

Butta: I can see Usher jumping on the bandwagon. Cause that's just what he does lately.

Remi: Usher's going back full-tilt R&B for the next record.

D-Money: I think it'd have to be someone like a *shudder* Justin Timberlake to bring it mainstream.

Ivory: I am NOT ready for a Timberlake foray into disco.

Remi: You kidding me? Timberlake is like Boy Christina Aguilera. (Well, Near-Boy Aguilera)

D-Money: You're gonna have to explain that one for me, Rems.

Remi: Nothing he does is authentically him. So you can bet if he smells a disco wave coming, he'll be on that shit, swearing he's the next Bernard Edwards. (And, more tragically, the fans and press will fawningly agree.)

D-Money: Hahaahahahahah! It's funny cuz it's true

AudioDiva: As much as I like Timberlake, you aren't lying.

Remi: In fact, after last week, he may have tweaked 20/20 part two a little already.

Butta: And I can totally see Timberlake doing a disco song. Watch and see when the second half of The 20/20 Experience drops.

D-Money: I think I'll let you tell me about that one, Butta. I'm not voluntarily listening to JT again.

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