SoundTable Discussion: Will Daft Punk’s Success Trigger A Disco Revival Or Did They Just ‘Get Lucky’?

Zo!: They're all watching, and they'll all be running to the nearest wave to ride. Relevance doesn't have much to do with creative expression.

AudioDiva: Still what was "Rock Your Body"? It was pure disco. And oh! It was produced by Pharrell and Chad Hugo.

Remi: Ehh, I wouldn't call that pure disco. That was more like post-disco pop. Off the Wall (its progenitor) had dregs of disco, but it wasn't a disco album.

AudioDiva: I agree. Off the Wall was elevated from the chugga-chugga disco albums of that time and that was thanks to the peerless Rod Temperton.

Remi: Yeah, I think another reason folks love "Get Lucky" is because it is pure, earnest disco. Others have played around with it before (Missy Elliott's "Old School Joint" had a sticky groove), but with tongue firmly planted in cheek. (Or Chic, as it were. RIMSHOT!)

Ivory: Ba-dum bump! LOL

Remi: "Get Lucky" wasn't some self-conscious "If it isn't a hit, we can call it a joke later" record you sometimes hear from mainstream acts.

Zo!: Folks like GQ were putting out disco albums. Like they recorded an hour of the same four-to-the-floor drum beat and placed different music on top of it and called them songs. They didn't do that for real, but that's what it sounded like.

Remi: But that's what disco was. The magic of the four-to-the-floor.

Zo!: All day long. It hit hard. Lotta movement on the basslines.

Remi: Funny enough, it should've been the easiest to groove to, even for the rhythm-impaired.

Ivory: Y'all gonna make me go home and watch Unsung again.

Remi: Problem is, some folks get distracted by the guitars and tried to dance to them instead. (Or hell, the lights.)

D-Money: And by some folks, you mean...?

Ivory: The people who danced to John Mayer on Chappelle's Show.

Remi: Hah! Ivory FTW!

Zo!: Joints were funky. With percussion and broke a lotta barriers in regards to social "acceptance."

D-Money: Yes. And let's not even get into the instrumental arrangements.

Remi: D-Money, I have Roy Ayers' "Running Away" playing as we speak. Yes, let's not talk about arrangements.

Zo!: Point made.

Remi: I just feel like we were robbed of what might have been if it hadn't been killed so early. I mean, the Diana Ross/Donna Summer arms race alone. (Sorry, the Diana Ross/Donna Summer sex-disco arms race was the official term, I believe.)

D-Money: Right, and the backlash derailed a lot of good artists.

Remi: Then again, its heyday derailed a lot of good artists too! Curtis Mayfield and Isaac Hayes did not need to make disco records.

Zo!: UGH. That Isaac disco disaster...

AudioDiva: Neither did Elton John.

D-Money: ...or Phylicia Rashad.

AudioDiva: Diana was just visiting disco in my opinion. Donna embodied it.

Remi: I'm sorry, but "Love Hangover" was a sex-disco klassik! And "I'm Coming Out" was a disco banger, too. Folks like to hate on Diana Ross for her cobweb voice, but her discography is skrong.

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