SoundTable Discussion: Will Daft Punk’s Success Trigger A Disco Revival Or Did They Just ‘Get Lucky’?

Butta: Disco created a lot of one-hit wonders and records that should have never been made, this is true. But these days artists are creating entire careers like that. Cassie and Ke$ha anyone?

Remi: Even their names suggest they aren't thinking about long careers. If you planned to be around in 20 years, you would NOT name yourself Soulja Boy Tell 'Em. And I still need someone to explain what the hell a Danity Kane is.

Zo!: There are so many different platforms to keep these wack ass artists in your face at all times now. Wasn't like that then.

Butta: Very true, Zo!. YouTube is the devil in that regard.

D-Money: Them and Clear Channel.

AudioDiva: Preach it, Zo!. The extension of 15 minutes of fame is what is wrong with this world today

Zo!: 15 mins is now a half hour, AudioDiva.

D-Money: But, back to disco, I would've loved to be a fly on the wall of Studio 54 during its heyday.

Remi: I really wish I could recreate that shit today. But for some reason, I'd like to turn it out a little. Sure, I'd like to party with Beyoncé and get blitzed with Tom Ford, but I feel it'd be more decadent to do lines with Oprah off the naked backs of starving models brought specifically for that purpose by Anna Wintour. Anna and Oprah calling each other "betch" before making out obnoxiously and heading to the infamous balcony together.

D-Money: Sir...

Remi: Aretha Franklin making it clap for us in a private booth while Chaka Khan makes Cassie churn butter in the nude... because she can.

D-Money: Rems, don't make me snatch your mic.

Remi: And don't even get me started on what Cicely Tyson would be up to in that joint! Let's just say it would require a very unambiguous safe word.

D-Money: Butta, come get your boy. He's giving me nightmare material over here.

AudioDiva: Rems, what are you on? I want some.

Butta: Remi is smoking that Rihanna. Speaking of which, how come they haven't named a strain of weed after her yet? It only seems fitting.

Zo!: I wouldn't have been worth a damn in the disco culture. I'll just go 'head and admit that now.

D-Money: Oh, I'm in the same boat, Zo!. I doubt that I would've been cool enough to get into most venues.

Zo!: While I think the music will always be welcomed, I don't think the complete culture will ever make a comeback.

Butta: No, disco culture was too decadent and bacchanal-ish.

D-Money: True. Just imagine how many would be lost and turned out if it was still like that today. Or, you know, look at Rihanna.

AudioDiva: True. That's exactly my thought, we're too broke now to afford it. Even though I secretly want to be a roller disco star.

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