SoundTable Discussion: Will Daft Punk’s Success Trigger A Disco Revival Or Did They Just ‘Get Lucky’?

Butta: So, what's the takeaway from this convo? Can disco make a comeback? What needs to happen for that to happen?

Zo!: Music? Yes. Culture? No.

AudioDiva: I'm all for the music coming back. I just that I hope we don't get fatigue like we did with the Motown/'60's soul revival several years ago.

Zo!: YES, AudioDiva. Lawd.

Remi: It's inevitable that we would. That's the nature of something going super-mainstream, and for it to come back we would need the Top 40 artists to jump on it.

Zo!: You get two of 'em? It's a wrap.

Butta: Beyoncé.

Zo!: Yep. She's bored now anyway. She would do it just because, and she knows that she has folks in the palm of her hand.

Ivory: I can't bring myself to cosign anything Beyoncé related so I'll just say, "Yeah, what y'all said."

D-Money: Yeah, Bey would be good for it. But who else outside of her?

Remi: Alicia Keys would try to rock it too, while acting like she invented the genre altogether.

D-Money: Alicia can't sing well enough to carry disco.

Remi: Alicia can't sing well enough to carry Dr. Seuss. What's your point? I'd love to hear Solange do disco, though.

Ivory: Solange would freak it.

Butta: Solange could get her Diana Ross on.

AudioDiva: I'm rooting for Solange.

Zo!: Solange is dope. I'd do a disco song with her.

D-Money: Yo, make this happen!

Remi: DO IT!!!


AudioDiva: Mariah?

Butta: You know, Mariah doing disco might be a good look. It could revitalize her career like Cher did when she embraced dance music on "Believe." Minus the Auto-Tune.

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