SoundTable Discussion: Will Daft Punk’s Success Trigger A Disco Revival Or Did They Just ‘Get Lucky’?

Zo!: We've named all female vocalists. How about male vocalists?

Butta: I can see The Foreign Exchange doing a disco record. (HINT! HINT! HINT!)

Zo!: I have a nice four-to-the-floor jam on ManMade, Butta.

Butta: OOHHHHH WEEEEEEE! Yes, Zo! Can't wait to hear it.

Remi: Ray J?

Butta: Bye, Remi

Zo!: Raymond Jehoshaphat?

Butta: I want to say Miguel, but then I don't want to say Miguel.

Remi: Ursh wouldn't be able to lose himself in the groove. I feel he'd be another one of those "too cool to get into it" types, trying to pop-lock-break his way through a disco joint.

Zo!: LMAO That's exactly what I thought about.

Butta: I'm so sick of Usher and his sitting in his chair with one leg cocked up to air out his cooch on The Voice.

Remi: Hah! Worst visual ever: him singing "Climax" in that position.

D-Money: Speaking of The Voice, I'd buy a CeeLo disco joint.

Butta: Yes! CeeLo! YES!

AudioDiva: He's bored too, so YES. He needs a jolt. He's forgotten himself. Disco would rev him up.

Zo!: Hell, CeeLo would pop up and release a disco record before ALL these cats. And perform it with some Muppets.

Remi: Robin Thicke?

Zo!: Robin has been knocking on disco's door for a few years now

Butta: Robin Thicke's "Magic" was a semi-disco record a few years back.

Remi: Yup. To borrow an Andy Kellman-ism, it was Vegas-Disco.

AudioDiva: Robin Thicke. YES. He hasn't taken the dive yet. "Magic" started it but folks were not listening so he backed off.

Remi: Sleepy Brown would fuck around and pull some magic off. With Big Boi and Janelle Monáe in tow, just because.

D-Money: Sleepy would, but no one would care.

Butta: Damn, D-Money. True, but damn.

Remi: That's why Janelle is there.

D-Money: Don't get me wrong, I love Sleepy. But if he couldn't parlay "Can't Wait" into a hit...

Zo!: Sleepy Brown could have replaced Pharrell on the Daft Punk joint to pep it up some. Wouldn't have worked name-wise, but performance? Yep!

AudioDiva: Now y'all got me thinking about Janelle. She'd be like an Evelyn Champagne or Cheryl Lynn tearing up the vocals.

Remi: Nicole Scherzinger would try disco because... Well, something's gotta work for her, right?

D-Money: Nicole who?

Remi: My point exactly. The lead (and apparently only) singer of The Pussycat Dolls.

Ivory: She keeps trying to make it happen though. Bless her heart.

D-Money: What about Ciara? She needs something to work. She could be on that Andrea True tip.

Remi: Stop

Ivory: D-Money, no.

Butta: Oooh, Bruno Mars! He mines different genres and eras well.

AudioDiva: BRUNO MARS! The boy was getting there on that last album with the song "Treasure."

Remi: will.he.was is probably prepping some garbage already.

Zo!: And his C3P0 suit.

D-Money: Oh God no.

Butta: Dear God, NO.

Remi: Because he's locked in a death-struggle for Prom Queen with Fergie-Ferg. Seriously, nobody does tries-too-hard like will.he.was.

D-Money: Really and truthfully, I wish will.i.don't would go away. He hasn't been good since the BEPs first album.

Zo!: Y'all speaking truths right now.

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