Stop What You Are Doing & ‘Go’ Watch Szjerdene’s Latest Video

Over recent years the music video has gone from being the primary vehicle for pushing a single to, in many cases, a mere afterthought. Some of this can be attributed to the fact that promotional budgets are not what they once were and the likes of MTV are barely able to squeeze in a music video between their endless streams of reality TV programming. However, lack of budget needn't stop an artist from creating beautiful, thought-provoking visuals. Just ask Szjerdene. Having already released videos for "Blue Lullaby" and "Turn," both taken from her Patchwork: The EP project, she has now given the beautiful "Go" the video treatment. Teaming up with director Hesdy Lonwijk, Amsterdam's Fonds voor de Kunst, Fat Fred's Film & Photo Company and the Dutch National Ballet, Szjerdene delivers a beautifully shot and choreographed piece of emotive cinema.

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