Check Out What Rob Milton Is ‘Developing’

Here at SBHQ, we don't just write about music, we live and breathe it. When not writing up the latest item on the site, we're attending concerts, participating in heated discussions and even hobnobbing with some of our favorite artists. Some of us are even making it. Just ask our Bounce-Worthy colleague Rob Milton. Last year alone, he released two EPs, Love Today and Shine Tomorrow , and this year, his momentum is going full steam ahead with the release of his new EP, Developing. A collaboration with producer brandon*, Developing finds our boy Rob taking on material both familiar and new to our ears all the while giving a new and interesting take on the R&B sound. From remaking Lauryn Hill's "I Just Want You Around" from plaintive cry to a warmer, more mellow love song on "Around" to the folk rock feel of the set's title track, Developing is a study in the old adage "less is more." Rob doesn't need vocal pyrotechnics or a host of guest artists to keep the listener's attention. Instead, his warm, rich voice and carefully curated company (Jacque Hammond and kezia the poet are the only guests and they hold down their duties quite well) bring the focus to the exceptional music on display. Developing is available for purchase now via Rob's Bandcamp page. See what all the fuss is about by taking a listen to the set after the bounce.

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