Does Common Do ‘Fine’ On This Chris Brown Remix?

Some remixes works, others not so much. The reason why Common's remix of Chris Brown's "Fine China" falls in the latter category for me is that it feels inorganic, as if his verse was dropped from the sky into the middle of the song. The transition between the end of the chorus and Common's verse also comes off as awkward. In comparison, on Talib Kweli's remix his verse comes in at the beginning of the track and sets up Breezy for the kill. I do appreciate the nod to Michael Jackson in Com's reworked beat produced by 9th Wonder and DJ Dummy, but the King of Pop's influence is already pretty easy to pick up on in the original song. I run cool on Mr. Brown, but I understand that he is truly a gifted artist and has delivered a genuine, creative R&B jam that fans (and even a few foes) can't help but appreciate. In my opinion, the song screams "rappers need not apply." This is no shade towards Common or Talib, but more of a reference to the phrase "leave well enough alone." On the other hand, I can appreciate if Common, upon hearing "Fine China," decided that he wanted to contribute to the energy of the song. But, to me, the burden of proof will always fall on the rapper to prove why their collaboration is necessary.


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