K. Michelle’s ‘V.S.O.P.’ Goes Down Smooth

K. Michelle, known for her chuckle-worthy shenanigans on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, just released her first official single, "V.S.O.P." The song, produced by Pop and Oak, is good enough for us to overlook her mastery in shaking tables and her impeccable aim with candle wax. Is the song spectacular? Not really, but this woman can clearly sing. The lead single on her upcoming and much anticipated debut studio album, Rebellious Soul, borrows from the classic '80's tune, "Very Special" by Debra and Ronnie Laws. "V.S.O.P." gives you the softer side of K. Michelle, the side where she's ready for love. K. Michelle sings, "You know this ain't an ordinary love" and "Hope you make the rest of my life very special," and whether it's the liquor or the lyrics (as simple as they are), the song makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. A small departure from her typical banter about her -- ahem -- malfunctioning "hot pocket" on LHHATL and recent explicit release "I Just Wanna," the single goes down as smooth as a fine VSOP cognac would. I can absolutely see "V.S.O.P." served as a breezy, summer anthem at day parties across the country. Do I want a refill? Yes. I like this K. Michelle. This sounds like a cool teaser for an album that really could make for a great leap in a promising direction for the R&B songstress. Look out for Rebellious Soul on July 30th, but until then, listen to "V.S.O.P." below or view the lyric video sans Ms. Michelle after the bounce and let us know what you think.

After the bounce

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