Marie Dahlstrom Takes A Trip To Bon Iver’s ‘Perth’

It's a real luxury to have to barely press play to know that an artist is going to deliver the goods. This was the convenience I had when diving into a shiny new one from Scandinavian songstress Marie Dahlstrom. Knowing her track record, there was little room for hesitation, especially towards cover material from her. Dahlstrom is no newcomer to the cover song, as we've already heard her revive Phil Collins' "Against All Odds" and improve Rihanna and Chris Brown's duet, "Nobody's Business." This time she goes off the beaten path with a cover of Bon Iver's "Perth," a pensive and consoling mood piece meant as a tribute to late actor Heath Ledger. For her rendition, Dahlstrom captures the somber mood of the original, but with her gorgeous vocals and a peppering of horns, new dimensions are added to this spacious melancholic melody. If you feel the need to reflect and unwind before the weekend arrives, then its highly recommended that you download Dahlstrom's "Perth" at your (free) leisure as no regrets will be had.


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