Melanie Durrant’s ‘Gone’ Is A Slow Burn

A funny thing happened while listening to the new single from Melanie Durrant, "Gone." I liked her voice, but the song itself didn't grab me at first. However, after a few more spins and a closer listen to the lyrics, I found myself humming the chorus. "Gone" will sneak up on you like an obnoxious little sister with its classic, he's with you, but he really wants me tale. The woman at the song's center cannot get along with her man but even when he is with someone else, she is not far behind as she sings "I'm the main chick, master of his ship." Her voice is very Amy Winehouse meets Eartha Kitt, and would work for any James Bond theme worth its salt. Durrant's "Gone" may take some warming up to, but eventually you'll find yourself getting closer to this fire.  


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