MeLo-X’s ‘Light + Space’ Is Open To Interpretation

The Martian Project morphed the wispy vocals from "Light + Space (Laurel Halo Cover)" by MeLo-X into a breezy visual story of a woman experiencing the liberation from the confines of her empty home to the freedom of a frigid wide-open space. This reminds me of a dream randomly playing halfway through a restless night of slumber. When I awake/the video concludes, I race to to interpret the elements I can recall. Horses are large boisterous loving animals that represent power, strength and stamina. Snow is cold, soft, temporary, still and can represent inhibitions. The barren trees not only represent a season and a level of nudity that is promising yet awkward, but the branches give way to the light. The dream evokes freedom as the woman's hands stretch up toward a sun that's not quite there, then land on thin air whirling in place. The beat spins into the soul of the woman. The laying of the woman's hand on the horse and the horse's eyes on the woman cause the inhibitions to settle into an inherent animalistic strength that's so naturally close and easy to obtain. It makes her feel as if she should have stepped outside of her empty space much sooner, however time, light and space are relative to the dreamer.

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