Midé Has His Sights Set On The ‘Mainstream’

London-based, twenty-something singer/songwriter Midé has been grindin' hard on the live circuit for a while now. The talented guitarist has been showcasing his brand of acoustic soul to crowds across the capital, as well as releasing two well-recieved EPs, Travellin' Light and City Lights. Now hoping to build on previous successes he has just released his third, and finest, project to date, Mainstream. Helmed by the super catchy title track (the video for which can be seen after the bounce), the three-track collection offers a glimpse into both the internal ("Try") and external ("Officer Please") struggles of an inner-city guy, but the messages contained in all three tracks are truly universal. You can stream the full EP right here, then head on over to Bandcamp or iTunes to grab your copy.

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