Morning Soul: Love That Stays With You Until The Day You Die

  • Here's a few of our favorite rappers and their moms as a little reminder you still have time to get a gift that's not from the supermarket for Mother's Day on Sunday. [CMPLX
  • Erykah Badu interviewed Kendrick Lamar and got the hip-hop phenom to talk about Compton, the good life and staying positive. [IM
  • Mariah Carey fired Randy Jackson as her manager. Cue the countdown to blaming her "team" for that video with Miguel. [VIBE
  • Snoop Lion confessed he used to really be a pimp back in the day providing, uhm, companionship for professional athletes and entertainers. In other water is wet news... [EW
  • After 12 seasons, Randy Jackson announced he will leave American Idol. [FOX
  • Never wear out your welcome: Will American Idol clean house and fire the other judges? [LAT
  • Chrissy Teigen defended fianc John Legend after reports he hooked up with a random blonde in a nightclub bathroom. [NYP

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