Nicholas Ryan Gant Gets A Little ‘Crazy’

Nicholas Ryan Gant has linked up with Japanese production company Origami Productions to bring us something special this week. Taking on Gnarls Barkley's 2006 Billboard Hot 100 hit "Crazy," Gant breezes through this record with ease and offers something entirely fresh to a song that has been revisited so many times. "Crazy" can probably be heard nightly at any and every open mic event across the country, but not like this. Gant, also known as "Ghetto Falsetto," has a vocal style and flow that is one of a kind and quite evident here. Gant's take on "Crazy" will be featured on the third installment of Origami Production's Laidbook series. For now, keep your ears locked to SoundCloud where he can often be found sharing a hidden soulful gem or two.


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