Play ‘Hide & Seek’ With Kenzie May

Brimming with attitude and confidence, 19-year-old Kenzie May is hoping to make her mark on what has become a very crowded UK scene, but if her debut single, "Hide & Seek," is anything to go by she may just have what it takes. With a similar aesthetic to many of the R&B/alt-pop acts pouring out of London at the moment, Kenzie delivers sultry vocals (not dissimilar to Aluna Francis from AlunaGeorge) over a track that begins with tinkling piano but soon adds a layer of thundering bass that really makes the track kick. "Hide & Seek" is the only finished track we have heard from Kenzie thus far, but a quick dive into her SoundCloud stream shows a handful of demos, which also sound quite promising. She is definitely a lady to keep our eyes and ears on. [H/T: PBB]


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