Solange & Kendrick Lamar Get Into ‘Trouble’

Solange's True continues to drop gems. Last week, she dropped the mini video for certified jam "Locked In Closets" and this week she releases the smooth slow jam "Looks Good With Trouble." The song, all about loving a bad boy that's good at what he does, is jazzed up a bit by self-proclaimed good kid Kendrick Lamar. While the "bad boy/good girl" trope is more than just a bit cliché, the twosome sell the idea quite well atop a hazy, electronic groove perfect for sneaking away into the night to do naughty things. The Solo/K. Dot combo is a pretty good one. In fact, Kendrick's flow (that actually stays on message with the song, imagine that) plays so well with Solange's soft coos that you wouldn't think this was a remix. Could Solange repay the musical favor in the future? We can only hope. This particular version of "Looks Good With Trouble" isn't available on True, so you'll have to head to iTunes, where it's available for $1.29. Trust me, it's definitely worth the trouble.


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