Take A ‘Ride’ Into Summer With Sweat Box

The sun can't quite decide what it's doing here in the UK, but, for a moment at least, it's out and it's shining brightly, so what better time for Sweat Box's debut single "That Ride" to fall onto my radar. The track epitomizes laid-back, sun-drenched days with its mash-up of jazzy sax, funky bass and smoothed-out vocals. Sweat Box comprises Teddy Roxpin (production and keys), Dani Ummel (vox), Ricky Bakken (bass), and Daniel Halligan (sax and vox), and "That Ride" is the first single from their upcoming free project, Surrounded By Vinyl, which drops June 4th. The track's video, which you can see below, features shots of the quartet as they cruise around town in their drop-top, which is exactly what you will wish you were doing once you press play. You can also grab a free download of the track via Teddy's SoundCloud page.

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