Trumaine Lamar & Lexx Black Go Back To The ’80s’

Florida native Trumaine Lamar is taking a trip back to the '80s with a little help from Lexx Black on "80's Baby." Featured on his latest EP, Analog Digital, "80's Baby" finds him infatuated with a special lady and reminiscing over his favorite things from everybody's favorite decade. Boasting production from brandon* and tons of pop culture references, Trumaine turns what could have played out as a VH1 commentary special to an ultimate soul jam. Often reminiscent of B. Slade, Trumaine's vocal prowess is absolutely undeniable. Black also chases a young tenderoni as he spits a clever rhyme before the record's end. "Purple raining for her love. I'm the Prince, she's my Sheila E.," he raps. Analog Digital, which serves as the second release in Trumaine's discography, holds quite a few standout moments including the soulful duet "Copy & Paste" with Chrissie Ash and the sultry slow jam, "Slow Motion." Turn up "80's Baby" as you prepare to ride into the spring feeling of this weekend and head over to Trumaine Lamar's Bandcamp page to pick up your copy of Analog Digital.


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