You’d Be A ‘Fool’ To Miss Out On Nylo

Even though I pride myself on staying on top of things in the music world, there are times when a good thing manages to slip past me. Count Chicago-bred singer Nylo as one of those things. Although she quietly dropped her five-track self-penned EP, Memories Speak, last year, she apparently generated enough buzz about her to have major labels vying for her attention and add rapper Nas to her ever-growing list of fans. Now signed to Epic Records and working with the likes of L.A. Reid and Tricky Stewart, she's gearing up to release her major label debut. Her latest single to hit the 'net is the delicate and sparse "Fool Me Once." While comparisons to everyone ranging from Frank Ocean to Aaliyah to The Weeknd have already been tossed around to describe her sound, my guess is that Nylo's sound will be hard to box up neatly. Instead of trying to pin her down to one description, it'll be much easier to just sit back and enjoy this young lady's music for the breath of fresh air that it is.


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