Byron The Aquarius & Olivier Daysoul Remind Us How Sweet A ‘Simple Love’ Can Be

While the current state of modern society would have us all believing that we need more -- more money, more clothes, more toys and, well, just more stuff in order to enjoy life -- the truth is that there is much to be said about keeping things simple. Simplicity brings with it less worry and quite often an abundance of one thing we all search for: happiness. This notion is the premise of Californian producer Byron The Aquarius' collaboration with vocalist Olivier Daysoul, "Simple Love." This mellow track sees Olivier sensually singing of how his simple love is free from the nastiness of stress and full of loved up goodness. While this song may not be new, having first surfaced on Myspace in 2009, this smooth number deserves love just for its simple beauty. Perhaps it's reappearance on SoundCloud is a sign of new things to come from Byron The Aquarius and Olivier Daysoul? Either way, have a listen to this chilled out number and let Byron The Aquarius and Olivier Daysoul remind you of how the simplest things in life are often the sweetest.


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