Feel Disclosure’s ‘Fire’

I've already begun to settle into Disclosure's debut album of the same name and even though "White Noise" and "Latch" are my ultimate favorites on the album, "When A Fire Starts To Burn" and its percolating soulful '90's house beat is a right kick in the rumpus as it's an unsurpassed banger. The kinetic energy the song obviously possesses is prevalent in its visual, and those thinking that the British DJ'ing twin brothers were going to offer up a simple sweat-drenched club backdrop will be surprised to see that the video drives down a different avenue. What you'll bear witness to is a motivational preacher urging on a diverse congregation at a make-shift church gathering with the song's looping verses (which are samples from renowned motivational speaker Eric Thomas, who stars in the video). As the song pulses and the temperature begins to climb, church members begin to get swept up in the spirit and groove, and things begin to well, um, get a little wild. Don't believe me, well, become a true believer by pressing play, and be sure to keep that church fan handy -- it's going to get a bit hot. For more aural heaters, Disclosure's Settle is out and available now. 

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