Find ‘Solace’ In Nikko Gray

Life is funny. Just yesterday I was playing one of my many makeshift playlists and Nikko Gray's "Eyelash Wishes" from her wonderful Love.Seen album popped on. My first immediate thoughts were: "Where did this chick go? What happened to her?" Consider those questions answered. Miss Gray is preparing to release a brand new album, entitled L O V E T R E E, and just like she likes spaces in-between letters, she likes her cuts to be spacious and laced with seductive dream-soul. "Solace" is no different as it coasts along on shimmering synths and abstract percussion, making for a real captivating vignette. It really is the perfect little detour to help you unwind for the pending weekend, so if you like to adapt to the experimental mood, you can download "Solace" over at Nikko Gray's Bandcamp spot for the delicious price of free. [H/T: PIMB]


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