Frank Ocean Previews His Next ‘Channel’ In Germany

Not much has been heard from singer Frank Ocean stateside since that admittedly unpolished GRAMMY performance back in February. But, lest you think that a clip for "Lost" was all you would get from Frankie O. for a while, there's word of new new coming soon. Back in February, Frank stated that he was "like 10-11 songs" into channel ORANGE's follow up. On Tuesday, the reclusive star was feeling a little generous with his German audience as he performed a handful of new tracks in Munich. While he didn't drop any song titles or any other pertinent information in any of the fan-recorded clips, the songs themselves continue in the vein of nostalgia ULTRA and ORANGE, offering introspective lyrics about heartache and 20-something disillusionment. Does this mean we'll be getting another record from Mr. Ocean sooner rather than later? We'll have to wait and see. Until then, check out Frank performing one of the tracks (which I'm dubbing "Nice View") below and check out two more songs after the bounce.