India.Arie Shows Us What ‘This Love’ Sounds Like

With the release of SongVersation, India.Arie has reclaimed her place among today's great R&B storytellers. We have already tasted the many flavors of the new album through singles like "Cocoa Butter," "Just Do You" and "Brother's Keeper," but as we get deeper into the album we find there is definitely more to discover. "This Love" sees India at her most soulful on the album as she shows off her impressive and delicate vocal range. The song starts off with an eerie tone as she sings about how even though her relationship has been tested and war-torn, it will survive. The production features warmly layered backing vocals that give substance to the track. This is definitely one of those deep album cuts that can come out of nowhere and become your favorite song on the album. [H/T: SC]


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