K-Ci & JoJo May Need To ‘Knock It Off’

R&B duo K-Ci & JoJo return with new single, "Knock it Off," their first offering since 2002′s Emotional. The mid-tempo song is a far cry from the days when we were "ooh-yeah"-ing all over our living rooms, but let's not dwell on the past. As K-Ci & JoJo make their way back to our R&B hearts after falling from grace, literally, they are still stumbling. "Knock it Off" is appropriately titled for my reaction not only to the song but to the lyrics, too. "I'm lovin' your everything / I'll do anything to make you feel good / K-Ci's got that real good, real good," for example, made me cringe. Did that just remind you of your uncle or aunt's drunken friend who always said inappropriate things to you at the family cookout? Yeah, me neither. You can tell they're trying to keep up with the times with this track, especially with the repetitive, screwed chorus, but sometimes it's best to sing your age. Their voices don't sound terrible, but some of the lyrics were a tad bit slurred. I'm confident, however, that this song will be most requested at an oldies party where K-Ci & JoJo fans will be happy to hear their familiar voices. Honestly, I want to like the song, but I can't. I always root for the underdog or the one who falls from grace and gets back up again like a proud phoenix, but in this case their return landing is still shaky. Let's hope that our long lost crooners offer better tracks to groove to on their upcoming untitled album, which is due this fall.


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