Marsha Ambrosius Flies High On ‘Sky’

As the world watches Nelson Mandela's life hang in the balance, the Trayvon Martin murder case unfold in the courtroom and on television screens and more people pass on from causes natural or unnatural, there isn't a day where we aren't faced with death or the prospect of it. Death is a fact of life, but it doesn't make dealing with it any easier. But in times of sorrow one place to turn is to music to provide a bit of comfort to heavy hearts and minds. Songstress Marsha Ambrosius provides such piece of music with her new song "Sky." Saying that the song came to her in a recent dream, she recorded it and coupled the music with footage of clouds that she captured while flying cross country, giving birth to a simple yet compelling video. She felt it was also a fitting tribute to many who she's lost recently, and that it is. Read Marsha's complete statement after the bounce and get lost in the clouds while you listen to "Sky." [Photo: Keith Estep]

After the bounce

I was compelled to write and play this song because I heard it in a dream. I was out in LA doing a couple of writing session a couple of weeks ago and this song happened. Flying back to Philadelphia the other day, I captured footage of the clouds on my iPhone. Felt only right to put the two together as I reflected on the lives lost these past couple of weeks. Jimme Wall Street, Lil Snupe, Aunty. I can listen to this and remember. I can listen to this and want to forget. I can listen to this and mend a broken heart or feel it break. I made this song to FEEL!

Marsha Ambrosius

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