Phony Ppl’s Elbee Thrie Bats ‘53,000.’

Though they are super talented together, the fellas of Phony Ppl are just as talented on their own. Take Elbee Thrie, for instance. The Phonies' resident rhymer and vocalist recently showed just what he can do on his new mixtape 53,000. The 18-track set finds Elbie fluctuating between rhyming and singing rather effortlessly as he coasts through laid back production that recalls some of the work done during hip hop's golden era. While the entire mixtape is worth taking a listen to, there are more than a few tracks that stand out. Opener "iii Feel Sorry for Myself" is a self-deprecating jam that slides along a slick bass groove that's sure to get heads nodding. Elsewhere, "Nice to Meet Me" finds the rapper and his Phony brother Sheriff PJ spitting boastful rhymes over a knocking beat and tender ballad "Knew Lipsce" shows that while Elbie might be young and brash, he still has a soft side. You can give 53,000. a spin after the bounce and download the mixtape in its entirety here.

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