Watch Faith Evans Go ‘Dumb’

Though she released "Dumb" as a single the better part of a year ago, Faith Evans is just now releasing the track's accompanying visuals. Though we could chide her for waiting so long to deliver a video for the track, we won't. That's mainly because Faye and crew bring the funny '70's style for the clip. The diva sings about not playing the fool anymore as she and the band wear enough bell bottoms, Ike Turner wigs and afros to open their own costume shop. To put it frankly, they all look ridiculous. Though I'm not exactly sure if the hilarity was entirely intentional (it has to be, though. Right?) or just a result of the video's obviously low budget, it made the clip an enjoyable one for me. Check out the clip, and see if you also enjoy Faith kicking it '70's style.

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