Chantae Cann Gives Us Some Of That ‘Da Da ‘N Da’

The only thing that I love more than an artist who releases new music on his or her birthday, is an artist who releases new music just in time for my birthday. This past Sunday, singer Chante Cann dropped her latest track, "Da Da 'N Da" in celebration of her birthday. As if getting new music from this Atlanta-based singer isn't enough, the song arrived the day before my own birthday, making things extra sweet for me. The song opens up with Chantae's sugary voice intertwining with the sounds of a piano before widening into a sweeping arrangement packed with ooey gooey goodness complete with horns and a nice mid-tempo groove. In describing the song, Chantae calls it a "medicinal melody that simply speaks to the heart heart power of MUSIC." A beautiful gift that should make anyone who hears it feel like its his birthday.

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