Raleigh Ritchie Gets ‘In Too Deep’

As a Texan, it is true that we like things big. Big burritos, big pick-up trucks, big synthesizers. Well, okay, the last bit is mainly what I like, as being an '80's baby has me consistently falling under the spell of anything that is backed by engulfing and thick synths. Still I like that newcomer Raleigh Ritchie does things on a grand scale, as his previously released singles, "A Moor" and the introverts ode "Stay Inside," boast heavy-duty and captivating synth sounds that are just pure indulgences to me. The Bristol native is swiftly making a name for himself as he was recently added to the roster of Kendrick Lamar's UK tour, and in just a few weeks since we first posted about him he's back with a brand new synthesized jam called "In Too Deep" to win me over further. From his forthcoming Middle Child EP, "In Too Deep" features his slow soulful tone pouring over a shimmering curtain of synths and percussion, and the results are hypnotic and proof that big things are definitely in-store for this newbie. Be sure to crank this tune up loud or you'll miss the full effect.


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