Bounce-Worthy: Selam

When I got through listening to newcomer Selam's debut EPThe Wild, all I could do was go "ahhh." Like I was in a commercial for a refreshing body wash or an over-priced perfume. I don't know if that was Selam's (a singer/songwriter from northern Virginia) intention but, she has crafted a set (along with multi-instrumentalist/producer DaRon Jones) that can only be equated as submerging into liquid, aural sublime liquid, as the fluid mix of jazz, hip-hop and modern soul feel calming and meditative, as if you're floating in water and casting all stress aside. You're already immersed by the hypnotizing opening title track, add in a sweet samba number ("Build Good") and a Sting/The Police cover from 1982 ("I Burn For You"), and you've got a set to have on hand for when you want to untangle your mind and push the reset button on your spirit. You can bet that anyone who can get the mental kinks out is definitely Bounce-Worthy, so purchase The Wild at a name your price deal over at her Bandcamp if you like to get taken away Calgon style. 


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