‘Enjoy’ Malice & Mario Sweet’s’ ‘Love’

It's not often that the SoulBounce staff can come to a collective agreement on something. When you have a team of writers from all corners of the world with a variety of tastes, it's hard to get the majority to come to a consensus on anything -- music included. So whenever something comes along that gets all of our attention, we sit up and take notice. This week husband and wife duo Malice & Mario Sweet did just that with the release of their latest album, Enjoy:Like:Love. They first caught our attention a few years ago with their debut EP Happy 2 Year. Fast forward to the present day and the Seattle-based duo is still using their love and chemistry as the driving force behind their fun and flirty sound. And what fun it is. This 11-track album had us all grooving along from beginning to end thanks to their catchy harmonies and production courtesy of Tall Black Guy, Vitamin D, Justo, Evil Needle, Swish and Jake One. With song titles inspired by various '80's pop culture icons like "Jaine Phonda," Eddee Murfy" and "Pherris Buellur," Enjoy:Like:Love is one big party with a throwback vibe inspired by love and everything that comes with it. The couple, who also just welcomed a baby boy, give some insight into the song titles and what inspired them on their Facebook page. The nostalgic feel is further emphasized by the various samples and interpolations sprinkled throughout. Take the album for a spin and see if you're not moved to get up and enjoy this labor of love. Then hop on over to their Bandcamp page to get your hands on a physical copy or download it.

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