Get In The ‘Spirit’ Of SZA With ‘Julia’

Complementing April's astral S EP, alternative Jersey girl SZA is releasing the Z EP later this year and has released two cuts from the set to get us all prepped and ready. Both cuts are about as opposite as they can get as the sparkling Felix Snow-produced synth pop number "Julia" has us in an frosted '80's state of mind, while the slow grind of "Teen Spirit" (thank goodness not a cover of Nirvana's 1991 classic) is seeped in a smoldering slow brew of trip-hop laced beats. Talk about day and night. SZA proclaims that "Teen Spirit" is "not R&B" (though I beg to differ as far as her croons go), but it should be cool to note that the much buzzed about 16-year-old Wondagurl, who produced Jay Z's "Crown" from Magna Carta Holy Grail, is responsible for the track's smoldering backdrop latching SZA with one of her strongest cuts yet. Tune in below and after the bounce to experience the varying corners of SZA's aural utopias.


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