José James Invites A Few Collaborators To His ‘Door’

With so many things happening in the past eight months, I hope you guys haven't forgotten about José James' stellar release No Beginning No End, which dropped in January. If you have, then José's got a little something special to remind you with his Come to My Door EP. Enlisting the help of several collaborators, the EP features the radio edit of "Come to My Door" as well as a remix of the track by friend and collaborator Taylor McFerrin and remixes of a few other tracks from No Beginning No End. Though I wasn't initially a fan of "Come to My Door" when I first heard it (it had the unfortunate circumstance of being just good while being surrounded by greatness), Taylor McFerrin's remix elevates it by stripping away the original instrumentation and replacing it with a warm, jazzy groove that better suits José's voice and gives me a better appreciation for the song. In addition to "Come To My Door," the EP also features remixes of "Vanguard," "Sword + Gun" and "It's All Over Your Body" (remixed by Flako, FaltyDL and Oddisee respectively). You can head over to Giant Step to stream the EP in its entirety and you can purchase it via iTunes and Amazon right now.

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