Kanye West Sheds ‘Blood’ At The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

Though he just did a Donald Glover impersonation made a much-talked about appearance on Kris Jenner's talk show, Kanye West hasn't done much in the way of promoting his latest album Yeezus, so I guess we should feel privileged he even bothered to show at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. However, with songs like "Black Skinhead," "New Slaves" and "Send It Up" on the album, his emo, Nina Simone-sampling "Blood on the Leaves" wasn't what anyone was expecting. Kanye performed it anyway, though, delivering performance art realness to the mostly nonplussed crowed as he performed on a mostly dark stage with only a forest backdrop and his trusty Auto-Tune. It wasn't 'Ye's best performance, but on a night that was pretty damn uneventful yet still somehow bizarre, it stood out for all the right reasons. Hit the bounce to see Yeezy bring the house down and get all in his feelings.

After the bounce

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